23 April 2020
China’s deputy public security minister, is being investigated by the country’s anti-graft body for alleged corruption. China’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection said that Sun Lijun was being investigated for “serious violations of discipline and the law”.  The Agency did not say what the violations were. It also did not say whether Sun financially benefitted from these violations. Sun was appointed director of the Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan office under the ministry of public security in December 2017.
 Sun had played a key role in top leader Xi Jinping’s past efforts to maintain social stability by rounding up dissidents including Falun Gong followers and rights lawyers during a 2015 crackdown.

Sun, 51, was last seen in early March in Wuhan, the former centre of the COVID-19 pandemic, the official People’s Public Security Daily reported. On March 7, Sun attended an oath ceremony of two female police officers after personally recommending them for party membership, saying he was touched by their hard work during the lockdown.

 Exiled tycoon Guo Wenqui said that Sun was never considered a protégé to Xi since Sun formerly worked under Meng Jianzhu who belonged to a group led by Xi’s political rival, former President Jiang Zemin. The exiled tycoon called Sun a “murderer,” saying Sun should be held responsible for the persecution and torture of detained dissidents at home and abroad over the years. Guo also blames Sun for the seizure of the tycoon’s assets. Guo also said Sun had stashed away assets in his wife’s bank account in Australia, where Sun’s wife and 19-year-son currently live as citizens.
VOA news reported.