Ehud Olmert was plagued during his three years in office by a string of corruption scandals, which played a major part in his eventual resignation.
In January 2012 Ehud Olmert was one of the 18 people charged with allegedly giving or receiving bribes in connection with speeding up of a controversial development, known as Holyland, in the heart of the city.

Mr Olmert has also been charged with fraud, breach of trust and concealing fraudulent earnings in connection with donations amounting to $150,00 received from a New York-based financier, Morris (or Moshe) Talansky between 1997 and 2005.

He has been charged with concealing fraudulent earnings, fraud, breach of trust, fraudulent tax evasion and fraudulent registration of corporate documents in connection with claims amounting to $ 91,164 that he over-billed the Israeli state and Jewish charities for trips abroad.