8 February 2017
German police and prosecutors are investigating possible insider trading by the chief executive Carsten Kengeter of Deutsche Bourse.  They have searched the office and apartment of Kengeter, leading a planned €25 billion merger with the London Stock Exchange. Investigators are trying to find out whether secret merger talks with the London Stock Exchange were under way when Kengeter bought shares worth €4.5 million in his company using an option he was given as part of his contract in his company in December 2015.
The merged Bourse was to be headquartered in London. The is growing resistance for locating in London as Britain prepares to leave the European Union. Volker Bouffier, an ally of German chancellor Angela Merkel has signalled in the past that the merged company should be headquartered in Frankfurt and not London.
Deutsche Bourse Chairman Joachim Faber said that it was only in the second half of January that both chairmen and chief executives of the companies had agreed to begin talks about a merger. That would have been about four weeks after the purchase in mid-December.