8 February 2017
Xiao Jianhua was a Chinese-born Canadian billionaire based in Hong Kong who disappeared from his luxury apartment in Hong Kong’s Four Seasons Hotel on 27 January 2017. His disappearance has raised fresh fears about the city’s autonomy amid media reports he may have been abducted by Chinese agents. There is growing concern in Hong Kong that Beijing was flouting Hong Kong’s constitution, which gives Chinese authorities no right to enforce law in the city.
According to news.com.au, Hong Kong Police probing the alleged abduction have seized CCTV footage from the hotel which reportedly shows the businessman being escorted from the hotel without a struggle.
A full front-page advertisement published in Hong Kong’s Ming Pao newspaper on Wednesday under Xiao ‘s name said he was seeking medical treatment “outside the country” and had not been abducted.
In 2014, he admitted to The New York Times he had helped Chinese president Xi Jinping’s family “dispose of their assets when they were coming under scrutiny”.
he ran the investment company Tomorrow Group.
Freewechat.com, which tracks censored or deleted posts on China’s biggest social network, WeChat, said that 40 posts with the keyword Xiao Jianhua had been deleted since 30 January and a similar number of posts with the word “Mingtianxi”, which refers to Tomorrow Group and its subsidiaries, were also deleted.
On 12 June 2015, Xiao Jianhua was appointed Ambassador-at-Large for Antigua and Barbuda by Prime Minister Gaston Browne.
We will wait and see what happened to Xiao Jianhua.