Chief Superintendent Johanna O’Leary

2 June 2021

A new Garda Anti-Corruption Unit was announced by Garda Commissioner Drew Harris two years ago. This new unit is to be headed by Chief Superintendent Johanna O’Leary. The purpose of the unit was not because the police service was corrupt but to ensure that the force maintains public trust and confidence. The new unit has 26 police officers and two detective superintendents. The new unit will deal with with internal allegations against serving Garda personnel. But the public complaints will continue to be handled by the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission. A confidential integrity reporting service will be run by Transparency Ireland. It will enable gardai to speak up in confidence on ethical, criminal or corrupt matters.

Policies on substance misuse, professional boundaries and abuse of power for sexual gain etc. were announced on Tuesday (1 June 2021). More policies will be announced on other areas such as business interests and potential compromise.

This new Unit has received allegations of drug abuse and seeking sexual favours among the police force. It was also alleged that the police force has been infiltrated by an organised crime group. Head of the unit announced that an investigation was underway into a complaint about the possible infiltration. Random drug testing would be implemented in the force within six month to eradicate drug abuse.

The Assistant Commissioner for Governance and Accountability said that there was drug taking in Irish society in general and not just the gardai. reported.