3 July 2012. Malaysian Anti-corruption commission (MACC) is urging the private sector companied to sign the corporate integrity pledge to prevent corrupt practices in their companies.

MACC Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed said so far, 103 companies had signed the CIP as proof of their commitment to uphold pledge. He said that signing this pledge will enhance stakeholders’ confidence on the companies’ administration.

Another initiative put forward by MACC is the Certified Integrity Officers (CeIO) programme. This programme is expected to promote integrity, transparency and good governance in their organisations.

The CeIOs will promote integrity in their respective organisations in line with the government’s aspiration,

This is a laudable move by MACC but the participation seems to be poor taking the number of companies in the private sector in Malaysia.

The corruption potential is much higher in the public sector than the private sector. It is hoped that MACC will device some method to rein in the corruption is this sector as well.