14 January 2021

U Soe Paing was a senior official at the Department of Civil Aviation (Ministry of Transport and Communications). The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has received a complaint that he misused his positions and authority to engage in corruption.

On investigation it was found that he used his email to ask foreign agents (operators) to pay US$100 or US$60 or US$40 to him for quick services for each flight permit. He collected $ 72,066 from 12 operators. He deposited the money in a foreign bank account in his own name. He solicited the bribes while working as director of Air Traffic Control Inspection and general manager of the Air Navigation Control Division, the commission said.

Last month ACC found that Dr Maung Maung Soe Oo, regional head of Magway Region Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department committed corruption in re-allocating the expenditures for training and office buildings, provided by the 2018-2019 State budget, to the respective subordinate townships. He demanded Kyat 20,000 for a two-day course and Kyat 50,000 for a five-day course from the respective townships, through his Deputy Staff Officer Daw Thandar Sint. He also asked for Kyat 2.5 million out of Kyat 8 million allocated by the state for the renovation of Yesagyo Township office building in the 2018-2019 fiscal year. Daw Thandar Sint acted as the intermediary. He also received Kyat 500,000 transferred by Yesagyo Township Department Head. After his corruption has been found out he made a restitution of a total of Kyat 1.5 million, to the respective townships via the Myanmar Economic Bank.

Deputy Staff Officer Daw Thandar Sint also received Kyat 200,000 to help Dr Maung Maung Soe Oo to commit corruption.

ACC will charge him in a court.
$1 = 1,333.13 Myanmar Kyat

Sources: Myanmar Ministry of Information