Fasih Bukhari

Fasih Bukhari

11 April 2012. A $1.1 million residential plot being allotted by the government to incumbent Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Admiral (retired) Fasih Bukhari in a posh sector of Islamabad is in recognition of his extraordinary role of protecting the corrupt in the government and for toeing the government line.

Prior to Nawaz Sharif’s regime, the services chiefs and top generals were given additional residential plots and duty free cars. However Fasih Bukhari did not get this allotment of a residential plot upon his retirement as naval chief in 1998-99. So he gave himself a plot of land.

Bukhari’s corruption has however been exposed by none other than the widely respected Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Today the Supreme Court hauled him in person to demand his explanation for his failure to investigate corrupt appointments as previously directed by the court. The judge remarked that he has not only failed to advance any satisfactory explanation for his inaction but has also manifested defiance towards the Court by categorically refusing to carry out the earlier directions issued by the Court.

Such is the state of affairs in the apex body for fighting corruption in Pakistan.