Abu Libdeh

Arabic news sites, from InLightPress to Al-Hayat, are reporting that Palestinian Economy Minister Hassan Abu Libdeh will go to court after being indicted on charges of corruption.

Hasan Abu Libdeh, who has a Ph.D. from Cornell University, was referred to court by the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission. Along with him, one of his aides, Sami Ramlawi, the former Finance Ministry director-general, was also indicted on charges of corruption.

Abu Libdeh was formerly head the Palestinian Capital Market Authority which oversees the local stock market. He is accused of “misuse of credit, fraud and manipulation in the financial market.”

Abu Libdeh said that he was being targeted for political reasons: “I tried to be the loyal soldier in the battle to defend our cause and spent time behind bars and under house arrest. But some don’t want to see success and can’t live with it. I’m fed up with ongoing attempts to defame me and my record.”

Abu Libdeh is not the first Palestinian official to face corruption charges recently. In August, the Minister of Agriculture Ismail Daiq stepped down from his duties after facing charges of corruption. Daiq is yet to stand trial.