16 March 2015
Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced in an interview for a local TV station Sunday that Financial Minister Darius Valcov has submitted his resignation.
The announcement came on the wake of Romanian Prosecutor’s Office starting an investigation against Valcov on charges of corruption.
It was alleged that Valcov had allowed tenders for a Romanian company in exchange for approximately EUR 2 M, while he was the mayor of the town of Slatina in the period 2011-2013.
Newly-elected Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, commenting on the issue said that a resignation was the only way for the government to retain its credibility.
However, Ponta has asked Valcov to present the new budget proposals next week. Ponta will then announce the name of Valcov’s successor.
Romania is said to be one of the most corrupt states in the European Union. Although Romania has stepped up the crack-down on corruption only former prime minister and  Ponta’s political mentor, Adrian Nastase, has been jailed in two separate cases in 2012 and 2014.