8 October 2020

According to local media, the Supreme Judiciary Council and the Public Prosecution are carrying out investigation into the charges of bribery and money laundering allegedly committed by eight judges. The charges also include dereliction of duty, abuse of judicial authority, absence from work without legal excuse, and delaying court procedures. The accused judges had reportedly submitted earlier their replies to the charges to the Judicial Disciplinary Committee. Public Prosecutors have also traced the bank accounts of the suspects.

A criminal court has already started trial proceedings of one judge, who is said to be the chief of a regional court. The judicial immunity of the judge has been suspended to facilitate the investigation. Along with the judge, his accomplices and middlemen appointed by him to receive the bribes were also arrested. Judge’s brother, a lawyer and a businessman are being held in custody. Authorities also found cash amounting to around 250,000 Riyals in his possession. Identity of the judge was not revealed.