Bernardo Schiller Freiburghaus
27 February 2020
A Swiss court found a Swiss-Brazilian man guilty of complicity in bribery and money laundering.
The court said the case involved payments worth more than $35 million made between 2007 and 2014 via mediators in Switzerland and Brazil to Petrobras employees. It did not specify on whose behalf the payments were made.
The court ruling said that Bernardo Schiller Freiburghaus was guilty of complicity in bribing foreign agents, of aggravated money laundering in Switzerland and Brazil, and regular money laundering in Switzerland and Portugal.
He was handed a suspended 16-month custodial sentence and ordered to pay 1.6 million Swiss franc ($1.64 million) in fines and to pay trial costs, the judgment said.
The Petrobras-Odebrecht case has led to around 60 criminal proceedings in Switzerland, while more than 130 businessmen and politicians have been convicted in the case in Brazil. Reuters reported.