31 July 2014
Six city narcotics officers used guns, badges, threats and beatings to extort large sums of money and narcotics. Over a six year period, 2006 to 2012,  they stole more than $500,000 in cash and drugs according to a federal indictment. Once a drug dealer was thrown into jail without any charges, officers broke into his house and stole a safe with $80,000 in it.

They held one man captive in a hotel room for several days while he and his family were threatened. The federal police were able build a case against these six men with help of another of the gang member, Jeffrey Walker, who pleaded guilty to robbery and gun charges against him and agreed to cooperate with authorities in the investigation of these 6 officers. The investigations went on for two years.

FBI’s Philadelphia office stated that it is irrelevant that the victims were drug dealers. The corrupt group made their own rules and they will have to answer for their actions. A lawyer stated that when one is working in narcotics there is always more temptation because of the availability of opportunities to steal, extort and abuse are much more.
The officials said that the six will be suspended by the department while the police administration will take steps to get rid of them. District Attorney Seth Williams informed police that he would no longer use their testimony in court and therefor dozens of cases have since been dismissed.