21 October 2016
Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano, his wife Linda and Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto were indicted Thursday on federal corruption charges. Mangano is charged with extortion, conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Mangano, along with his wife Linda, and Venditto were arraigned and released on $500,000 bond each. They received bribes and kickbacks in the form of hotel, travel expenses, limo services and free gifts, including watches and massage chairs.  The benefits received by Mangano and his family included a $3,300 office chair, a $3,600 massage chair, a $7,300 watch and $3,700 worth of hardwood flooring installed in the Manganos’ bedroom. Mangano and his family also allegedly received free meals,  vacations to Niagara Falls, Florida and Turks and Caicos and free limousine service from Singh.
They arranged Oyster Bay Town’s guarantee of four loans, totalling in excess of $20 million to a co-conspirator, restaurateur Harendra Singh. They also awarded lucrative contracts to Harendra Singh for the supply of bread and rolls to the county jail, supplying emergency food services to the Office of Emergency Management following Hurricane Sandy and provide other food services to county agencies.
Harendra Singh is now cooperating in the investigation.
Federal prosecutors also said Mangano asked Singh to hire his wife for a no-show job where she earned $450,000 over a four-year period. She claimed that she was engaged as a food taster.
Messrs. Mangano, 54 years old, and Venditto, 67, are both long-time Republican elected officials in Nassau County.
“I’m going to tell you this, I’m going to continue to govern, go to work,” Mangano said. “America is the greatest country in the world, and you’ll all have an opportunity to hear everything and decide for yourself. God bless you.”
Harendra Singh, 56, has been indicted for bribery to obtain loan guarantees from the Town of Oyster Bay, fraudulently obtaining $900,000 in disaster relief funds and failing to report $17 million in revenue. The indictment says that Singh, who owns about 30 businesses, bases his operations in offices at H.R. Singletons, his restaurant at 150 Hicksville Road in Bethpage.
The indictment said “Co-Conspirator #1” defaulted on two of the loans backed by the Town of Oyster Bay in 2015, and the loan holder demanded the town pay the money due.
Singh was awarded the contract for food and beverage concession at Town of Oyster Bay’s Golf Course facility known as The Woodlands. After Singh renovated the facility, the town extended the agreement though the end of 2029 and then through the end of 2049. He also obtained the food and beverage concession at Tobay Beach, for the Town of Oyster Bay beach, in an agreement through April 30, 2025, and then through April 30, 2045.