06 May 2013.Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay admitted that police records containing sensitive information was found at three locations including one belonging to bikies (criminal gangs in Australia). It was described that the information leaked was damaging and could compromise some police investigations including investigations of biki gangs. Ken Lay said that leaked documents dated as far as three years.

The opposition party wants this to be probed by Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC).

Police Minister Kim Wells said that this was a serious matter and that the police commissioner had assured him that all steps have been taken to investigate this corruption.

Two weeks ago Fairfax Media reported that Victoria Police had been carrying out an unprecedented blitz on its staff that had connections with motorbike gangs. It also said that two criminal gang members had infiltrated the police. The newspaper named them as Amad Malkoun and Toby Mitchell. Malkoun is the president of the outlawed The Comanchero Motorcycle Club. He was previously convicted for drug crimes. Toby Mitchell is said to be the president of the Bandidos is at the centre of the state bike war. Bandidos is said to have its origin in Texas, United States. Bandidos has 90 chapters in the United States and another 90 in Europe and another 17 in Australia and South Asia.

Police chief Mr Lay said that the leak was predominantly the work of the suspended member. He did not name the gangs involved in the corruption.

Police questioned those who were in possession of the documents but no charges were filed against them.