15 May 2013.  The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) and the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) are said to have undertaken a joint investigation involving corruption in a bunker barge MT Ivory. MT Ivory delivered a shortfall of marine fuel to the vessel – MT Front Splendor. The intention of the short supply was to enable the buying back of the extra fuel to cover the shortfall.

Four persons were involved in the scam. They are  Antonov Sergey employed by V Ships, as the Chief Engineer of the vessel MT Front Splendour; Jason Choo Soo Beng, Cargo Officer with Sea Hub Energy, assigned to the bunker barge MT Ivory; Lam Tat Fei, a boatman also under the employment of Sea Hub Energy; and Victor Loh Tuck Seng, a bunker surveyor working for Saybolt Singapore. Antonov Sergey, the Chief Engineer of the vessel MT Front Splendour, received $ 8,400 from Choo, the Cargo Officer to accept the short delivery of the fuel. Antonov then gave a sum of US$400 to Loh, the independent surveyor, to provide false verification. Loh further received US$5,500 from Cho for the deal.

All four persons will be charged in court today.