UK Football today is awash with greed, corruption, squalor and contempt for civilised conduct. The players are notorious for their cynical fouls, dangerous tackles, on the field, diving and abuse of the referee. Off the field, too many stars lead lives full of promiscuity and misogyny, gambling and drinking, their antics fuelled by vast pay packets that leave them disconnected from the British public.

John Terry captains both Chelsea and British national side.He earns £150,000-a-week. One would expect him to be ambassador for the game and for Britain, someone for people to emulate. In reality he is the opposit of it. He is alleged accepted £10,000 for an unauthorised tour of Chelsea’s training ground, On one occasion. On another, it was revealed that his personal box at Wembley was being ‘touted out’ for £4,000 per match.