Peter Lim Sin Pang

Peter Lim Sin Pang

8 June 2012. Former Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) chief Peter Lim Sin Pang allegedly had two of the 10 sexual trysts he is accused of in the sex-for-contracts corruption case in his own home. – 16th-floor Costa Rhu condominium unit. All units in this upmarket condo are served by private lifts from the basement car park and ground floor. He allegedly had sex with Esther Goh Tok Mui, then director of business development at NCS.

NCS deputy director for marketing and communications said that the company has a strict code of conduct that spells out the roles and responsibilities of employees when dealing with parties outside of NCS.

Legal sources said that the word ‘obtain’ used in the court documents should be interpreted to mean that he had asked the women for it. If instead the word ‘accept’ was used it would mean that the women offered it and the man said “yes”.

In the IT industry, it is not unheard of for sales people to pull all the wires in order to win a contract, said sources in the industry. Commission in such cases  may make up to half their pay package.

There is heightened public curiosity as to the background of the three women.  Searches online for their photos and biodata threw up scant information.

Ms Lee and Ms Pang are both in their forties and still work for their companies. Ms Goh is said to be unmarried and no longer with NCS.

NCS and Nimrod were venders providing products or services to SCDF, while SRC was described as a potential vendor. Ms Pang Chor Mui is the General Manager at Nimrod Engineering and Ms Lee Wei Hoon is a director at Singapore radiation Centre.

Lim is due back in court on 5 July 2012.  The prosecution said that if he pleads guilty, it will proceed on three charges and take the rest into consideration.

Home Affairs Ministry (MHA) has in the meantime suspended. All outstanding tenders involving former Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) commissioner Peter Lim Sin Pang and the persons involved in the alleged corruption scandal. MHA added that persons involved in the scandal are no longer servicing SCDF’s accounts.

Lim was “directly involved in the tender process”, in two contracts SCDF signed with the companies, as a member of the tender approval committee. MHA added that the two contracts are under review but it did not name the contracts.